Ops-Core offers a range of protection helmet systems that offer the best quality, modular capabilities, balance, and innovative design. They take pride in offering the lightest helmets word-wide, as well as their holistic head borne systems. Ops-core's goal is to "protect the elite warrior." Their helmets are designed with the following in mind:  integrated modular design, open architecture, comprehensive capabilities, innovation, and balancing weight/performance.

featured products

Ops-Core Vented Lux Liner-Worm Dial Kit is a suspension system that combines a one-piece full coverage impact layer with modular breathable comfort pads that can be customized and repositioned for comfort without affecting impact performance. The liner employs vents and a more streamlined geometry than the standard Lux Liner for increased airflow, comfort, and a better fit, and it is designed for comfort during extended use. The Worm-Dial retention system provides a quick adjustment in a low profile fit band. The pads are durable, breathable, low absorbency, removable, and washable.

Ops-Core ARC Rails have multiple non-snag attachment points for quick, easy, and secure donning and doffing of accessories and better routing of external wires and cables in a streamlined configuration to minimize user distraction. They are compatible with ballistic visors and mandibles for fully integrated face protection. Designed to emergency release accessories at 8ft-lbs (11 Newton-meters) of torque to prevent neck injuries in the event of snagging.

OPS-Core Skeleton ARC Rails can transform ACH style helmets into a streamlined platform capable of integrating mission enhancing components and accessories such as visors, mandibles, lights, and cameras.​ They easily mount to the sides of the helmet, and existing chinstrap holes in the helmet.​ Durable, lightweight construction.

Ops-Core 02 Double Edge Strap is designed to ensure secure and proper placement of oxygen masks. It is quick and easy to use. The SnapDragon bayonet buckle on one side of the system is for quick release. The Ops-Core Head-Loc sliders allow for quick tightening and loosening of the mask. The straps seamlessly integrate with all Ops-Core FAST and ACH style helmets.

The Ops-Core Skeleton Shroud is designed for universal compatibility with most NVG mounts, provides a secure attachment at the front of the helmet for NVGs, video cameras, illuminators, and other components. The Ops-Core Skeleton Shroud is forged from aluminum construction for greater strength, durability, and lower weight than the VAS shroud. The high tolerance CNC machined mount arm interface for a perfect fit, minimizing movement. There are multiple bungee and lanyard mounting points for compatibility with visors.​

Ops-Core Side Armor provides additional ballistic coverage and environmental protection, which allows the user to quickly adjust the level of ballistic coverage to match changing threats. It comes in slim and wide configurations. Side Armor's low profile design does not interfere with sighting (stock weld) on shoulder fire weapon systems. One size fits all.

The Ops-Core Mandible provides additional face protection from ballistic and blunt impact. A unique patented hinge front system provides natural ventilation, which greatly reduces lens fogging while increasing user comfort. The Mandible folds in half for compact storage and less displacement in a rucksack or backpack. Tool-less installation and fit to the helmet is easy via the connecting straps that can be adjusted to ensure proper fit and function. Designed with Low-Reflective and Low Infra-Red (IR) signature characteristics.

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