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ATLANTIC SIGNAL specializes in communications technology. Their devices include headsets, comms, speakers, radios..etc and are designed to be mounted to helmets, vests, vehicles, and more.

ATN has been an innovator of advanced electro-optics for two decades and their products are designed for night vision, thermal imaging, and smart HD optics. 

GPS SOURCE is a USA engineering and manufacturing company that offers a full line of GPS, GLONASS (GNSS) Signal Distribution Products, GPS Retransmission Products and GPS Signal Design Services. 

GRIDMENOW(TM) is a customizable mobile platform that securely connects decision-makers with enriched location-based digital content. Their technology is currently being used in real-world global operations in both the government and private sectors to increase situational awareness, enable faster decisions, and streamline communications.

KESTREL'S weather and wind tracking meters are perfect for precision readings in a variety of environments and are now blue tooth compatible to hook up to your iPhone or Android.


S &S PRECISION offers products like lights and mounts, featuring the Manta Strobe and V-Lites in Blue, Green, Infrared, and Red. Order the Manta Strobe on GSA Advantage.

SUUNTO develops premium sports watches, instruments and dive computers that are tested in the world’s harshest conditions. 

TACTICAL ELECTRONICS provides tactical camera systems and EOD equipment, teaches multiple-levels of EOD and electronics courses, provides R&D services, designs and manufactures IED training aids, and creates Unmanned Aerial Systems. Products include tool kits, fiberscopes, K-9 systems, multi-system kits, video accessories, and more.

Drone with Camera



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