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S&S Precision focuses on product development and design of items professionals dream of. Their top-notch engineers, machinists, and fabricators let them create and deliver the equipment the military, government, and law enforcement agencies around the world need. 


S & S Precision Face Mask is a reusable dual-layer face mask with an internal pocket for replaceable air filters. Designed to be worn by itself or over an N95 respirator as an additional barrier against fluids and airborne particles.

Made from Milliken Biosmart™ (65/35 Poly/Cotton Blend) patented antimicrobial technology. Biosmart™ material binds to chlorine in bleach when washed, creating an active barrier that kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. This defensive barrier is recharged with each wash in EPA-registered chlorine bleach. Sanitizing effects last up to 12 weeks with each wash. The chlorine shield remains durable through at least 75 industrial wash cycles.One size fits all.


The  S&S Precision Adjustable Face Shield single-use vinyl face shield with closed-cell foam liner and an adjustable headband. Designed to be worn as a barrier against fluid splatter, specifically bacterial and viral fluids. The shield is elastic with a plastic loop that adjusts to head shapes/sizes 22" - 28"+. The Laser cut vinyl shield is sewn to a headband. The Neoprene foam liner ensures a comfortable fit. Recommended to be used with N95 respirator or equivalent

ss shield

The V-Lite™ Multi-Mode is a versatile personal lighting/identification marker allowing the user to program the light to their preferred function. A simple and intuitive alternative to chemlights. One button to cycle through the programmed functions keeps it simple. Fully encapsulated to ruggedize the electronics, the flexible silicone body not only protects the good stuff inside but also conforms to curved surfaces. Mounting is made simple with the V-Lite™ sleeve, providing the operator with a Velcro-backed attachment system. Waterproof.

v-lite multi-mode

The Manta Strobe™ is a helmet-mounted multi-spectrum light emitter optimized for Military Operations.  S&S Precision keeps it simple for the end-user, provides the highest level of performance through “Select” Electronic components combined with smart programming for the highest output and extended battery life.

manta strobe

The NavBoard™ series is purposely built for in-flight navigation, giving you what you need when you need it. They all include a completely plastic design that allows for convenient mounting to the front of an armor carrier or parachute harness for easy accessibility. With nine different options, there is a NavBoard for everyone.

plateframe magento

Doing more with less, the PlateFrame™'s patent-pending, the lightweight, semi-rigid plastic design provides a rigid mounting platform unlike any other plate carrier on the market. The frame gives the operator the capability to scale their loadout up or down to meet operational requirements. The PlateFrame™ allows for easy attachment of accessory pouches and will accommodate standard MOLLE pouches. Weighing in at 1lb, 6oz (without ballistic plates), the maritime-inspired PlateFrame does not retain any water due to the use of non-hygroscopic materials and welded seams.

The rigid frames are custom molded to the operator's ballistic plates and can be further customized with unit insignia and cut out text with reflective backing upon request.

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