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Spartan Training

A new generation of training gear for the modern warrior 

Spartan Training Armour is the world's preeminent Combat Scenario Training Armour. Their products are created for the modern-day Spartan warriors who fight on the battlefield and in the ring. They create the ultimate in warrior-styled training armour. Armour that is superior, and more functional, than any other. Armour that protects but invokes strength and authority.

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Spartan Training Armour™ is a new generation of training gear. The preeminent Multi-Purpose Combat Training Equipment. Bio-technologically engineered, lightweight, full-body padded suit is designed for use during force-on-force encounters, scenario-replication drills, self-protection, and traditional martial arts training. 

The entire kit is comprised of seven unique components that can also be sold separately. ​See the components below.

Spartan Training Armour

The Spartan Goddess Armour™ is the only female-specific training armour on the market. The Spartan Goddess Armour is specifically designed and contoured to protect a woman's body during force-on-force encounters, scenario-replication drills, self-protection and traditional martial arts training.

The entire kit is comprised of seven unique components that can also be sold separately.

The Spartan Goddess Armour

The Spartan Training Armour Helmet is truly the next generation of lightweight head and cranial protection. Its innovative full-face, low profile design was specifically built to offer maximum protection & visibility while not interfering with your peripheral vision. Add to that an extra layer of protection for the eye socket, temple and cheekbone, three open-vent clips for increased air intake & better role-playing with dialogue and seven adjustable straps and you have one of the safest and best fitting training helmets on the market today.

The Spartan Collar incorporates contoured plastic plating and ¼” foam padding to protect the trachea from an accidental throat strike. It’s form-fitted design, adjustable neck strap, and soft-textured lining guarantees that it won’t slip or spin and choke you during training. It’s also an indispensable addition to your head and torso protection when using training ammunitions or projectile-based training weapons.

The Spartan Collar

The Spartan Vest is a complete re-imagining of traditional padded upper-body protection and the most aggressive, warrior-styled vest on the market today. Available in four exclusive GSA colors (Crimson red, Blue, OD Green, Gunmetal Grey), the Spartan Vest offers a combined level of mobility, range of motion, and overall protection unavailable in standard chest guards. The Spartan Vest’s articulation makes it is perfect for close quarter battles, vehicle extractions drills, prisoner handling drills, grappling, clinching, ground fighting, stick fighting, MMA and various other martial disciplines.

Spartan Vest

The Goddess Training Armour Vest is a complete re-imagining of traditional, padded upper-body protection and the most aggressive, warrior-styled training armor on the market today. Available in four bold colors (Spartan Red, Blue, Military Green & Gunmetal Grey), the Goddess Vest offers a combined level of mobility, range of motion, functionality, and overall protection unavailable in standard chest guards. It’s strategically inserted plastic trauma plates, interior abdominal/rib brace, reinforced sternum shield, ballistic-front closure and layers of high-density foam offer 360º protection for the torso including the abdominal region, solar plexus, ribs, sternum, kidneys, liver, shoulders, clavicles and spinal region.

goddess training armour vest

The Spartan Alpha Vest is an instructor level upgrade to the Spartan Vest. It is designed for extreme close-quarter combative and repetitive, upper body striking. It adds an additional 2″ of high-density foam padding to the Spartan Vest, along with a 2 1/2″ 360º collar, to further reduce the effects of blunt force.

The Alpha Vest is not a stand-alone product. You MUST own the Spartan Vest 2.0 or later in order to use the Alpha Vest.

Spartan Alpha Vest

The Spartan Compression Gauntlet provides the ultimate in protection without compromising range of motion or restricting movement. They protect the full length of the arm from the triceps, to the elbow, forearm (radius & ulna bones) and wrist during Ground & Pound and Grappling training, Crowd Penetration drills and violent Close Quarter engagements.

Spartan Compression Gauntlet

The Spartan Training Armour Bicep/Forearm Pad is an instructor upgrade for the Spartan Compression Gauntlet designed to protect the inner arm, specifically the bicep and forearm, during striking drills.

spartan training armour bicep forearm pa

The Spartan Training Armour Gloves are made of 100% genuine leather and incorporate an open finger and palm design that won’t restrict your hand’s natural movements. The Spartan Training Armour Gloves use a low profile design with no strap to allow for better wrist rotation during clinching, weapons training and close-quarter drills.

Spartan Training Armour Gloves

The Spartan Training Armour Shorts offer lightweight protection to the entire upper leg area, hip, groin, kidney, tailbone, and lower abdomen. The new design includes an integrated/removable groin padding and segmented thigh padding for uncompromised flexibility while walking, running, sitting, grappling, or kick during scenario and training drills. The low-profile waist, with elastic/velcro closure, allows for use of a duty belt during scenario replication drills and optimal functionality between the Shorts and Spartan Vest.

Spartan Training Armour Shorts

The Spartan Training Armour Greaves are lightweight for optimal mobility, performance, and range of motion and feature a wrap-around design that results in unprecedented protection for the calf and knee. They have elastic/Velcro strap closures to ensure a snug fit & a plastic trauma shield layered between high-density foam along the length of the shinbone. The Spartan Training Armour Greaves also offer an industry first detachable knee for conventional combat-sports sparring and incorporates a custom-designed protective lip on the knee to protect the top of the kneecap during upward knee strike motions.

Spartan Training Armour Greaves
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