Wilcox offers a selection of weapon enhancement systems for night vision, life support, small arms, and combat. Their products are designed to enhance operations and survivability, increase situational awareness, generate greater tempo, and provide maximum lethality at the tactical edge.


The Wilcox RAPTAR Lite ES is an exciting entry into the Class1 IR Laser market.  It provides users with a combination of tools and abilities not offered by any other product in its class.  Another unique feature is that the RAPTAR series has been designed from the ground up to be completely repairable.  Other lasers on the market usually require them to be scrapped and replaced if damaged in the field.

The Dual Powered Aviation Mount (DPAM) was designed with aviators and crewmen in mind, this revolutionary aviator mount allows the operator to select between an internal and external power supply on the fly without removing the helmet and features a built-in low battery indicator light.

The Hellboy exothermic cutting torch handle sets our system apart with the O2 flow control wheel is easily controlled by the operator’s thumb, allowing for nimble changes of airflow. The quick-change collet adjusts for different size fuel rods without removing the head enabling you to stay on target longer. The handle also features a trigger safety lock that prevents unintended operation of the system. Made of heat resistant polycarbonate, the Hellboy™ Torch Handle stands up to the high temperatures generated with exothermic torching.

The Stubby Grip is exactly as the name implies - half the size. Without compromising quality and durability, we offer you the streamlined stubby grip. Perfect for personal defense weapons (PDW) the grip comes in both a fixed steady model as well as a folding para model. The para grip features a hinge that allows the grip to fold up streamlining the profile along the rail and eliminating the need for removal during storage. Our family of grips are made of aerospace aluminum and assure dependable use during extreme operational and environmental conditions.

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